Why Change?

Driving through Yosemite
Driving through Yosemite in 2007

I live in Wisconsin, and I have given up cheese.

I created this blog as a tool to motivate me to live life to the fullest. I spent 27 years having fun and going through the motions but not quite being who I want to be. Every year I will focus on a new adventure that will make me happier, more whole, or at least give me some good stories so I’m not boring at parties. I started with getting healthy and being a vegan. Being alive, it seems, is a good first step to finding happiness.

Within six months of launching this blog I’d quit my job to become a part-time freelance writer. Months later I landed my dream job as Chief Editor of HackSurfer. Change, it seems, can be contagious.

This year I’m tackling several big projects at once. It’s sort of an early midlife crisis. I have a lot I want to check off my bucket list before I hit 30.

I want to write a novel. I want to run a marathon. I want to read all the classic books and watch all the classic movies. I want to see the world and experience life. With the day-to-day grind, it’s easy to forget your dreams and lose focus. This blog gives me that focus. Each year I hope to put a check mark next to another dream so that a year is never wasted.

This site came in large part from people, including my dad and myself, asking why I don’t write anymore.  As all parents, good friends, and inner voices seem to say when looking through that warped lens, I am the cat’s pajamas.  It used to give me great joy, and it has given me that again.  I hope to motivate myself to chase my dreams while, and this is equally important, amusing myself daily.  If it rubs off on those who choose to follow me on this journey, that is all gravy.

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25 thoughts on “Why Change?”

  1. I feel the same way. Loved the “dreaming in the dark” post; it moved me.
    It’s all about our dreams. We really are dreams, it’s what we choose to dream about that differentiates us; what defines us.

    Like you, I want the better side of life, the better side of myself.
    Peace & Love,

  2. Hi, Jeff. Thanks so much for visiting my site and deciding to follow along. I *so* enjoy your blog and look forward to every post. Even though it’s been incredibly easy to switch to a vegan diet, it’s taken me months to start losing weight again. It’s so nice to have companions on this journey.

  3. You’ve really got a great thing going here. I really enjoy your posts. In acknowledgement of my appreciation, and to highlight your blog, I have nominated you for “The Very Versatile Blogger Award”. You can either respond by simply knowing that you have a big fan or, in turn, you can go to my post (below), and follow the mission outlined there. Keep up the good work, Tony

  4. Hi Jeff, great to read through your blog! I’ve recently stopped eating meat and I’m ‘flirting’ with the Vegan life (as Alicia Silverstone calls it) and am posting Vegetarian and Vegan recipe ideas on my new blog ‘Veggie Steady Go!’. I’ll be following your posts and look forward to your ideas. I love the cauliflower buffalo sauce recipe – I’ve always thought the sauce tasted better then the meat anyway! I’m from Wales in the U.K. by the way. Good to meet you! :) Fleur

  5. Holy crap. Your blog effing rules! Look at all those people nominating you for stuff! I didn’t even know they made blogging awards.

    Anyway, thanks for the like and the follow, it caused me to check out your blog, which I am thoroughly enjoying. It’s pretty courageous to commit to a lifestyle change like this one when you are not only a staggering minority, but are also faced with very limited vegetarian resources. Obviously I haven’t even been able to commit to meat-free living in the relatively veg-friendly city of Pittsburgh.

    Good luck in your journey and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t know about blog awards either until I got nominated. It’s been fun being vegan so far. Blogging about it definitely keeps me from cheating until it becomes habit.

  6. Cool blog. Love your goals. You`re a tad too young for a midlife crisis. But that makes you just about the right age to have one.
    Looking forward to your adventures in 2014.

  7. Great blog :) Looks like there are some similarities in our trajectories. I also made big changes in my late 20’s, and now, ten years on, I am a full-time writer, which allows me to do what I love most: move around in the world (geographically rather than “upwards”, in rat-race fashion).

    I’m curious to see how you’ll go about tackling the student debt problem, since this is also my major bone of contention… am looking for a spark (or several) of inspiration here, as you can tell ;-)

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